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Formerly Calsea Mag+ the Block for Turn-out and high-protein grass utilisation.

Ceteia Fix-N is targeted at Turn-out when grass is rich in protein or nitrate and contains Fix-N technology, which soaks up excess nitrate or protein and releases it slowly into the rumen to optimise efficiency and protein production in your animals. The block is formulated with extra Magnesium to counter grass tetany along with a suite of trace elements to ensure milk production and growth while boosting fertility and immunity which can be impaired by lush grass. Ceteia Fix-N is suitable for all livestock and is formulated for palatability and rumen health with our Calseagrit Iotech technology which buffers acidic diets and boosts rumen flora to optimise diets. Place 1 block per 30 cattle (1/50 sheep) above ground as Timac blocks stimulate saliva production for extra buffering.

Expectations & Benefits

Fix'N is a technology specifically used in Spadea Fix'N. It is 100% natural and exclusive to Timac Agro. Fix'N is a complex of plant saponins and mineral captors that helps to reduce ammonia production and both urea and ammonia levels in the blood, milk and liver. - Recycles versus excretion of nutrients, - Reduces wastage of minerals in animals, - Improves digestion of rich, soluble nitrogen diets (young grass, silage, leguminous) - Reduces protein wastage in milk or urea.

Calseagrit is the result of a process of micronisation of Marine Calcium. - 100% Natural product - Highly porous with a strong buffering effect in the Rumen (pH correction and maintenance) - Rich in highly available and easily absorbable Calcium and Magnesium - Naturally rich in Trace Elements e.g. Iodine, Zinc.

Iotech is a brown seaweed extract - 100% Natural in origin - Rich in energy and protein - Supports nutritional needs of ruminal bacteria.

Sodium-Based Formulation
Sodium base allows ruminants to self-regulate when licking the block (Ruminants will only take what they need). The Sodium allows for: - Better digestion of diets - Stimulated licking and salivation - Increased production of endogenous ruminal buffer (bicarb) - Recycling of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen - Provides stress relief for animal - A carrier system which enables increased absorption of minerals.

Block 15 kg

cattle 100g/day sheep 12g/day