Solway Board 3000 X 1500 X 9MM Grey

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Solway-Board Grey 9mm thick 3000mm x 1500mm

At Solway Recycling our Grey 9mm Solway-Board sheets are made from recycled agricultural waste collected from farms in the United Kingdom. Some varied uses including storage building lining, animal shelters, calf or sheep pens and as a replacement to metal sheeting. Has been used effectively to build long lasting gates and doors suitable for outdoor and indoor usage.

Some other benefits of Solway-Board are:

Durable: Will not require any treatment for weather if used outside robust should doesn’t rot unlike wooden animal pens. Unlikely to crack even with very heavy usage and roughest treatment Solway-Board is designed to last will not rust or decay with time.
Very Hygienic: Non absorbent will remove chances of infection in your animals. Easy to clean will look like new with mild detergent and hose.
Strong: Will withstand chewing, biting, or even butts and kicks from your beasts will be usable season after season saving you replacement costs in time and money. Will not dent like some metal sheeting.
Multi Purpose: Can be welded or fabricated to suit almost any need. May be reused if your needs change. If your animal housing requirements change Stock board can be used for other purposes for example reinforcing fence or wall areas elsewhere.

SOLWAY-BOARD DIMENSIONS – 3000mm x 1500mm x 9mm

9mm Thick Grey Solway-Board Recycled Plastic Sheets are delivered on pallets of 36 sheets. A full pallet will be much cheaper to deliver and the cost saving involed in this are passed onto the customer. Extra Solway-Board sheets will store well and don’t rot or rust.

Price shown is delivery to UK mainland.