Solway-Board 2440 X 1220 X 9MM Black

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9mm Solway-Board 8ft x 4ft Sheet

Solway-Board is made from recycled agricultural waste produce collected from farms in Great Britain. It has many varied uses including storage building lining, animal shelters, calf pens and as a replacement to tin sheeting.

Other Solway-Board benefits are

Hygienic : Solway-Board is suitable to be pressure washed if there is any build up of dirt in your pens or buildings. Mild detergent should be strong enough to clean even tough build up.
Long Lasting : Will not require any treatment for weather if used outside robust doesn’t rot unlike wooden animal pens.
Strength : will withstand chewing, biting, or even butting from your beasts

SOLWAY-BOARD DIMENSIONS – 2440mm x 1220mm x 9mm (8 x 4 ft.)
A full pallet of 9mm thick (8x 4 ft.) is 50 sheets which will be delivered FREE of charge

Price shown is delivery to UK mainland.