Smart Hen House

Size: 2 Nesting Boxes
Color: Red
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Hen House

Raised Hen House for 10 large or 12 smaller birds.

Solway have a large raised hen house which has become commonly known as "the smart hen house" due to feedback from trial users. The smart hen house is suitable for between 8-12 hens or 8-14 bantams. We have a smaller raised chicken coop if your looking to keep just 4 birds.

The perches run the length of the coop and they are fully detatchable and made from recycled plastic which makes them simple to clean.

There is a fully opening and shutting routered walkway from the elevated house to the ground which measures 560mm in length.

This is a roomy coop with internal floor space of 1038mm x 918mm or 0.95 square metres.

The house will be part assembled when delivered all that you'll have to do is attach the legs, with some supplied screws, to the height you want and tap the nesting boxes into place lightly with a standard hammer.

Most of our hen houses can be fitted with an automatic door opener.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Smart Hen House has changed. Previous Smart Hen Houses were supplied with 4 nesting boxes as standard. We now offer the option between 2 and 4 nesting boxes. Make you selection from the drop down box above.

Image above shows model with 4 nesting boxes.

Price shown is delivery to UK mainland.