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The Sheep High Energy Lick Bucket is suitable for ewes, lambs and rams all year round. With applications from tupping to lambing, Sheep High Energy provides health and performance benefits to sheep throughout the full grazing season.

This lick bucket supports good stock health and provides essential nutrients often missing in poorer grazing forages.

It also provides protein and energy feed lick designed to promote optimum fertility in both the ewe and ram at tupping time.

In this lick you will find a full range of trace elements to encourage ovulation. It is also high in energy (14 Mj/kg DM).

This lick provides ewes with an excellent source of energy from sugars, starch and protected fat and has high quality rumen bypass protein included to meet the increased demands of the pregnant ewe.

A balanced source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin E to improve lamb vigour.

Each order is the equivalent to one ton (1000kg) of Lick Buckets. Free Delivery with every order!