S685L Leisure Battery 75AH (2 Year Warranty)

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Voltage 12 Volts

Technology Wet

Capacity (C20) 75 Ah

Length 267 mm

Width 172 mm

Height inc. terminals 222 mm

NCC Class C

Guarantee 2 Years

The Platinum Leisure Battery range offers power and service life for any budget.

The batteries are sealed and completely spill-proof thanks to the Labyrinth Lid Technology. This feature also allows the battery to gas safely making them suitable for domestic use.

The Platinum range has very strong deep cycle capabilities thanks to the thick plate construction inside. This also helps improve the life of the battery and gives added resistance to shocks and vibrations.

They are completely maintenance free and have a State of Charge Indicator so you can easily see the battery's charge and acid level.

Amp Hour capacity - 75 AH
Battery length - 267mm
Battery width - 172mm
Warranty 2 years
Battery height with terminals - 222mm
Voltage 12v