Provita Lamb Colostrum (12 x 50g Sachets)

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Title: Provita Lamb Colostrum (12 x 50g Sachets)
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This contains 12 X 50g sachets - 12 substitutes or 24 complimentary feeds.

Provita Lamb Colostrum is an alternative to natural colostrum for newborn lambs. It contains natural EU sourced dried colostrum and a high level of egg powder which help protect the newborn lamb.  Provita Lamb Colostrum also helps lambs by providing a readily available supply of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The form of carbohydrate will rapidly raise the lamb’s blood sugar level, giving the lamb energy to maintain body temperature and to get up and suckle quickly. It mixes easily in luke-warm water.