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The Farm Buyer Club Pre Calver Lick Bucket is highly palatable mineral lick suited for feeding to both dairy and beef cows during the dry period. Designed to reduce calving problems and help maintain a strong, healthy immune system.

The Pre Calver provides pre-calving supplement for non-lactating cows in the last 4-6 weeks of gestation. It also contains low levels of calcium and high levels of magnesium to reduce the risk of milk fever.

Along with this you will also find that this lick bucket contains Mannan Oligo-sacccharide and Beta Glucans which has been shown by independent research to stimulate the immune system and improve colostrum quality and quantity, providing for the new born calf.

Includes a full complement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements including copper and zinc from both conventional and protected glycinate sources. In addition a proportion of selenium comes from a selenium enriched yeast to promote cow health and help her transition into lactation.

Each order is the equivalent to one ton (1000kg) of Lick Buckets. Free Delivery with every order!