Organic VersaMax Permanent Pasture 20kg

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Oragnic VersaMax Permanent Pasture

Pack Size 20kg

Seed Rate 14-16kg/acre

 Long Term 

Long term/permanent mixture with good Timothy percentage for early bite in colder conditions. Whilst this mixture is predominantly designed to graze, it is capable of providing a cut of silage or ideal for big bale silage or hay.

12% Nifty Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass

15% Agaska Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass 

15% Seagoe Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (T)

15% Toddington  Late Perennial Ryegrass

14% Cancan Late Perennial Ryegrass

16% Thegn Late Perennial Ryegrass (T)

7% Comer   Timothy

6% Dual Purpose White Clover Blend


A proven, hard wearing long term mixture

All grasses are SRUC class 1 varieties

Good early bite

Hard wearing and long lasting

Will tolerate hard sheep grazing

High diploid content for improved persistence and density

Excellent disease tolerance



For further details please see Forage Max Catalogue available on our website or send us an enquiry and we will send out a hard copy to you.