Organic CutMax Protein Plus 20kg

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Protein Plus

Pack Size 20kg

Seed Rate 14-16kg/acre

Protein Plus is the ultimate mixture for yield and forage quality 3-4 years. The added benefits attributed to Ryegrass PLUS™ varieties, such as stress tolerance and their increased persistence over Hybrids and Italians, make this a very cost effective option

  • 30% Lofa   Hybrid Ryegrass PLUS™
  • 40% Perseus  Italian Ryegrass PLUS™
  • 10% Perun   Italian Ryegrass PLUS™
  • 20% Red Clover Blend

Ryegrass PLUS™ inclusion ensures high quality yields Stress tolerant species will thrive in all soil types

On average 3.5t DM/ha more from Ryegrass PLUS™

High Red Clover % for excellent forage quality particularly protein content

Contains a high yielding blend of three Red Clover varieties. A multi-cut mixture of the highest quality