Megastart Dry Cow Mineral

Size: 1 Tonne
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Megastart dry cow mineral has been proven to increase colostrum yield by 35% by the research carried out at Myerscough College.

Megastart Dry Cow mineral is designed to be fed to the pregnant cow in the final 4 weeks of gestation. Combining high vitamin E and selenium as well as the inclusion of a high quality MOS. Megastart Dry Cow Mineral promotes a healthy immune system and is designed to offer improved colostrum quality and quantity.

Megastart Dry Cow Mineral should be fed at 150-200g/head/day for a cost of around 15p/day. A relatively low cost for one of the best dry cow minerals on the market.

Key Features:

- Low calcium to stimulate the cow’s metabolism
- Magnesium and phosphorous to aid in the reduction of milk fever
- High levels of selenium and vitamin designed to offer improved colostrum and optimum calf vitality
- High quality MOS
- Copper, zinc and selenium included in protected form
- Can be fed as part of a pre-calving ration, mixed with cereals, incorporated in a TMR system or simply top dressed.

Available in 25kg.