Megamins Biobind Safe

Size: 1 Tonne
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Mycotoxins can have devastating effects throughout a herd, and are steadily becoming a bigger issue on-farm.

Biobind is a combination of six different raw materials to ‘mop up’ the main mycotoxins found in feeding stuffs, especially forages and cereals. Mycotoxins that are targeted by Biobind include Fumosinin B1, Zearalenone, Aflatoxin, Vomitoxin and Ochratoxin making the product broad spectrum.

It is available as a free flowing powder that can be incorporated into TMR or home mixes. Contrary to many of its competitor products, Biobind operates at different pH levels therefore working in both the rumen (pH6) and in the gastro-intestinal tract (pH3).

Feed Rate:

Incorporate into TMR at 50g per head per day.

Available in 25kg bags.