MeadowMax 20kg

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Pack Size 20kg

Seed Rate 14-16kg/acre

Long Term

A traditional ley of non-aggressive grass species. Suited to more extensive farming systems

  • 23% Laura Meadow Fescue
  • 20% Maxima Creeping Red Fescue
  • 19% Comer Timothy
  • 15% Donata Cocksfoot
  • 15% Fojtan Tall Fescue PLUS™
  • 8% Crested Dogstail

Can be grazed or cut for hay or haylage

Suits extensive livestock management systems

A very dense , hard wearing sward

Will tolerate low fertiliser inputs and lower pH soils

For further details please see Forage Max Catalogue available on our website or send us an enquiry and we will send out a hard copy to you.