HorseMax Paddock 20kg

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HorseMax Paddock

Pack Size 20kg

Seed Rate 14-16kg/acre

TOP TIP: To reduce wear in exisiting horse pastures use this mixture to overseed at a rate of 10kg/acre.

Long term horse grazing with an option to produce a quality hay crop. HorseMax Paddock is designed using diploid Perennial Ryegrasses, Timothy and Creeping Red Fescue. Sward density is a key consideration as both grazing and winter feed are often produced from the same area. Timothy is much favoured by horses and in particular gives hay a sweet smell and is very palatable. Creeping Red Fescue is key to binding the sward together and because of its growth habit quickly repairs the turf when damaged by hooves.

  • 30% Boyne Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass
  • 15% Calvano Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass
  • 30% Timing Late Perennial Ryegrass
  • 15% Maxima Creeping Red Fescue
  • 10% Winnetou Timothy

Very good sward density Suitable for a hay crop if desired.

Very hard wearing Varieties selected to reduce incidents of laminitis.

An extremely versatile equine mixture.