Gallagher SmartFence Mobile Fence 4 Pack

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Would you like to set up a mobile fence in no time at all? The Gallagher SmartFence 2.0 has got you covered! The Gallagher SmartFence 2.0 is a revolutionary all in one, four wire, 100 m, fully portable instant fence system.

Complete system with poles, TurboLine wire and reels
Easy to set up and break down
Excellent conductivity due to Gallagher TurboLine
Set length: 100m.
Multiple sets can be connected
Weight 20lb

The SmartFence is a unique and patented concept for setting up a complete fence in just a matter of minutes. The whole system contains posts, conductors and reels. For extra quality the posts have a reinforced base, which makes them easier to put in the ground.

Thanks to the flexibility of the posts, the fence can be set up in any desired setup. Next to this, the wires can be placed at different heights to suit your exact needs.

If you would like to create a longer fence, it is possible to connect multiple SmartFences to each other.

The SmartFence 2.0 is ideal for sheep, goats and cattle. The system is often used as an better alternative for the fence netting. Due to the attached reels, the fence is neatly put away. This ensures a quick set up once you would like to install the fence again.

Thanks to the Gallagher TurboLine polywire, excellent conductivity is ensured.

With the SmartFence 2.0 you get yourself a mobile fence of 100 metres. Set set consists of 10 posts, 4 wires and 4 reels. The set is convenient, easy to take along and to stow away. The wire distances from the ground are: 15 cm, 30 cm, 50 cm, 70 cm or optionally 90 cm.

It can be used for break feeding, blocking broken fences, temporary paddocks, orchard grazing, tree/ baleage protection, dog control, temporary horse control at equine shows and so much more.