Gallagher APS SmartReader HR4

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Gallagher APS Eartag Reader SmartReader HR4

Portable reader for EID tags with data capture. High performance reader for fast reading of HDX and FDX-B tags, ergonomic and durable design the perfect tool for portable EID data capture. Easy reading and management of predefined animals. With 2.8" colour display, Bluetooth, USB, LED, vibration and incl. software.

An electronic animal identifier reader is the main component of an EID system. The reader captures the unique identification number of each animal when it is weighed, handled or identified on a farm or in a walkway.

Gallagher's mobile EID handheld readers are lightweight, durable and user-friendly - making them perfect for mobile use in a variety of locations - read, store and collect your animals' data anywhere on the farm.

Highlights of the HR4 ear tag reader:

- Large, backlit 2.8" LCD colour screen.
- Colour display with large, high-resolution graphics - easy to read indoors and outdoors
- Simple keypad keyboard for displaying predefined data
- LED and vibration signal on successful scan
- ISO-compliant half- and full-duplex
- Compatible with Gallagher's weighing data collectors and EID-enabled devices from other brands
- Market-leading ergonomic design with long reach and hand protection for maximum safety
- Pairing to other devices through easy search and pairing via Bluetooth
- Fast and continuous reading with a single button press


- Memory capacity: 100,000
- Reconfiguration of settings directly on the reader
- Bluetooth
- USB connectivity
- Powered by built-in rechargeable battery
- Bluetooth adapter for non-Bluetooth EID compatible scales: sold separately
- Comfortable ergonomic handle with soft grip
- Robust carrying case

- Visual ID data cross-reference table
- Continuous ear tag reading mode
- Vibration, sound and LED light signal when an eartag is successfully read


- Warning, as a reminder, when an animal is next scanned
- Data entry via selection menu
- The stored data of an animal can be retrieved sorted by trait, life data or activities
- Assignment of a sorting colour (virtual sorting)
- Differentiation between characteristics, life data and activities
- Date and time annotation on all records
- Number of features per activity: 3
- FREE app (iOS and Android) for easy transfer of animal data
- Animal Performance Software (APS Standard) for PC