Fodder Beet

Style: Alianka
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PACK SIZE 50,000 seeds per acre (Sold in acre packs)

Fodder Beet is grown as a main root crop. It can produce substantial yields of high quality fodder and is an excellent supplement to grass silage.

The roots are very palatable to stock and have superb feed quality. Specialist harvesting equipment is required to lift the roots and storage is required unless they are strip grazed in situ.

Medium dry matter varieties tend to have a higher percentage of root above ground and can be lifted with a top lifter and therefore have a relatively low dirt tare. These highly palatable roots can be fed whole to stock. High dry matter varieties tend to sit further in the ground and require a sugar beet harvester to lift them. Due to the higher dirt tare and hardness of the root, these varieties may need to be chopped and washed before feeding. After wilting, the tops may be fed to stock and can contribute a further yield of 3-4 tonnes of protein-rich dry matter per hectare.


Alianka is a high yielding Rhizomania tolerant white beet


Delicante is a high yielding white beet.


An ideal variety for grazing with its low dry matter of 14.6%. It has exceptional high fresh yields from red roots that are mostly above ground.


A very consistent variety producing a clean highly palatable orange root with average dry matter yields. It has good resistance to leaf disease and bolting. Jamon benefits from large top size and has 33% of its root above the ground which allows for easy lifting.


Bangor is an improvement on the illustrious/ long-time-acknowledged varieties Kyros and Troya – resulting in a yield increase and uniform roots. Bangor is easily lifted on all soil types, due to the regular shape of the root and its high position above the ground. With a medium DM in the root it results in a very high yield of 105%.


Magnum has a consistent root size and reliable high dry matter yields. It is a very palatable variety therefore increasing appetite and dry matter intake in all stock. Higher dry matter fodder beet has been shown to increase milk yield and daily live weight gain. Due to its high dry matter content it is more frost resistant than other varieties with a high proportion of clean, white root in the ground.


An exciting dual purpose variety for both fodder and bio-energy production. High yielding with a low dirt tare.

Enermax has a clean, white, smooth-skinned root and is shallow rooting, resulting in a cleaner end product particularly important for the bio-fuel market.

It has a higher root yield when compared with the well-known and popular variety Magnum. Official variety testing (Denmark 2010 - 2011), has shown that Enermax can produce 21 tonnes/DM/ha from the root only, with the beet tops adding approximately 5 tonnes DM/ha.

Enermax has the additional benefit of being Rhizomania tolerant and so is suitable for growing in the east of the country where sugarbeet is a widely grown crop, as well as in the west and other areas.

Pack size - 50,000 seeds per acre

Seed Treatment - Force 10 & Pelleted Untreated seed (Limited)

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