Extreme Dual Purpose 20kg

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Extreme Dual Purpose

Pack Size 20kg

Seed Rate 14-16kg/acre

3-5 Years

A grass mixture aimed at producing excellent yields of high-quality forage where climatic and soil conditions are at their most challenging. Extreme dual purpose mixture is designed to cope with whatever mother nature throws at it from drought to flood

  • 12% Perun Ryegrass PLUS™
  • 15% Perseus Ryegrass PLUS™
  • 15% Lofa Ryegrass PLUS™
  • 23% Fojtan Tall Fescue PLUS™
  • 15% Nolwen Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (T)
  • 15% Donata Cocksfoot
  • 5% Dual Purpose White Clover Blend

Deep rooting Ryegrass PLUS™ Grasses tolerate drought and high temperatures

Good yields at first cut with quick recovery Excellent clovers to enhance palatability and quality Will stand out in dry summers

Responds well to spring fertiliser input Superb spring growth


For further details please see Forage Max Catalogue available on our website or send us an enquiry and we will send out a hard copy to you.