Deluxe Sheep Pens in a Row (Side by Side)

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Deluxe Sheep / Lambing Pens

The Deluxe Sheep Pens In A Row from Solway Recycling are perfect pens for lambing time and manufactured from 100% recycled agricultural plastic giving the benefits of being:

- Hygienic
- Non Absorbent
- Robust
- Durable
- Movable
- Feeder Buckets Reduce Spillage And Mess.

The deluxe lambing pens are hand crafted and can be ordered in rows of upto 20 or if more call for prices.

Each sheep pen comes with 1 bucket holder per pen; additional Sheep Pen Attachments are also available. All sizes mentioned are external and approximate.

Solway Deluxe Sheep Pens External Dimensions

Length 5ft (1500mm)
Height 3ft (900mm)
Width 5ft (1500mm)
Panel weight 11.4kg

Recycled plastic is extremely durable and will withstand chewing, butting, kicks and any other treatment from your sheep. Solway Products sheep pens are built to last and will be useable season after season. Thus saving you time and money over the longer term there will be no need for any weather treatment as recycled plastic is extremely weather resistant.