Ceteia Ovin B

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Formerly known as Calsea Zinc, Block for sheep and all livestock with Zn requirement.

Block formulated for all livestock including sheep to enhance fertility, immunity and diet utilisation with chelated zinc and anti-oxidants. The Combination of trace elements and anti-oxidants supports animals through periods of stress and help with the transfer of immunity from mother - foetus while strengthening hoof and wool quality. The inclusion of Calseagrit Iotech buffers the rumen and gives support to ruminal flora to improve dietary efficiency while the salt-based formulation stimulates saliva production.

Expectations & Benefits

Calseagrit Iotech
Supports rumination • Supports digestion and bioavailability of nutrients • Easily absorbed Calcium

Chelated Zinc
more easily absorbed and protected form of Zn to boost hoof and wool quality, increase fertility and immunity.

protect cells from oxidative stress during times of high stress.

Block 15 kg

all livestock given free access to block