Ceteia Immu B

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Formerly known as Calsea Oligo, General cattle rumen block for fertility and immunity.

Block aimed at young and recently calved cattle with organic selenium, chelated zinc and anti-oxidants to boost immunity, including via colostrum from cow-calf, as well as fertility to enable a higher uptake in pregnancies. as with all our blocks, Calseagrit Iotech enhances rumen function to give maximum dietary efficiency for milk production and growth. the level of salt in the formulation ensures animals have an appetite for the block but don't over-feed giving good value for money.

Expectations & Benefits

Calseagrit Iotech
dietary enhancer, boosting and buffering rumen function by supplying marine calcium and food for internal microbes.

Organic Selenium
Selenium is essential for fertility and immunity. Organic selenium is more readily assimilated and passed from mother to calf to give healthy livestock.

natural products which help protect cells from the damage caused by stress.

Block 15 kg

Cattle, goats and horses, not suitable for sheep.