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Complementation for Livestock Diets.

Calseaoligo+ is a Sodium based mineral block with Calseagrit Biotech, Chelated Trace Elements, and Organic Selenium for general use.

It is not for use with Sheep.

Expectations & Benefits

Calseagrit is the result of a process of micronisation of Marine Calcium.
- 100% Natural product
- Highly porous with a strong buffering effect in the Rumen (pH correction and maintenance)
- Rich in highly available and easily absorbable Calcium and Magnesium
- Naturally rich in Trace Elements e.g. Iodine, Zinc

Sodium Base
Sodium base allows ruminants to self-regulate when licking the block (Ruminant will only take what they need).
The Sodium allows for:
- Better digestion of diets
- Stimulated licking and salivation
- Increased production of endogenous ruminal buffer
- Recycling of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen
- Provides stress relief for animal
- A carrier system which enables increased absorption of minerals

Chelated Trace Elements
A chelated trace element is where the trace element is protected by essential amino acids. This allows the trace element to be more readily available and more easily absorbed by the animal eg Zinc

Chelated trace elements:
- Supply essential amino acids and trace elements
- Strengthens anti-oxidant action and immunity
- Supports fertility
- Allows for a better transfer of nutrient and immunity from mother to foetus
- Supports skin, bone and hair/wool quality

Organic Selenium
The Organic Selenium in our Calseabloc is the natural form of Selenium, also found in plants. This form is more easily absorbed by the animal.

Organic Selenium (Sel-Plex(R)) is important for:
- Improving reproduction and fertility
- Merging animal mineral reserves during periods of remobilisation (calving, lacatation)
- Improving immunity and animal health

Biotech is a brown seaweed extract
- 100% Natural in origin
- Rich in energy and protein
- Supports nutritional needs of ruminal bacteria

Block 15 kg

Dairy Cows, Suckler Cows, Beef Cattle, Youngstock, Goats, Horses