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CalseaMag+ is used for turn-out in spring and lush grass growth in autumn.

CalseaMag+ is specifically formulated with a high Magnesium content, to help reduce the risk of staggers at times of lush growth, spring and autumn.

Expectations & Benefits

Calseagrit is the result of a process of micronisation of Marine Calcium.
- 100% Natural product
- Highly porous with a strong buffering effect in the Rumen (pH correction and maintenance)
- Rich in highly available and easily absorbable Calcium and Magnesium
- Naturally rich in Trace Elements e.g. Iodine, Zinc

Biotech is a brown seaweed extract
- 100% Natural in origin
- Rich in energy and protein
- Supports nutritional needs of ruminal bacteria

Sodium Base
Sodium base allows ruminants to self-regulate when licking the block (Ruminant will only take what they need).
The Sodium allows for:
- Better digestion of diets
- Stimulated licking and salivation
- Increased production of endogenous ruminal buffer
- Recycling of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen
- Provides stress relief for animal
- A carrier system which enables increased absorption of minerals

Fix'N is a technology specifically used in Calseamag+. It is 100% natural and exclusive. Fix'N is a complex of plant saponins and mineral captors that helps to reduce ammonia production and both urea and ammonia levels in the blood, milk and liver. - Recycles versus excretion of nutrients, - Reduces wastage of minerals in animals, - Improves digestion of rich, soluble nitrogen diets (young grass, silage, leguminous) - Reduces protein wastage in milk or urea

Block 15 kg

For Dairy Cows, Suckler Cows. Yougstock, Goats, Sheep, Horses