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CalseaDigest+ causes increased efficiency of high fibre diets.

Calseadigest+ is specifically formulated to help improve animal digestive efficiency from acidic, fibrous diets.

The mineral block contains Calseagrit Biotech, Sodium, Amaferm and Rumen Core, all of which maintain ruminal function and efficiency.

Expectations & Benefits

Calseagrit is the result of a process of micronisation of Marine Calcium.
- 100% Natural product
- Highly porous with a strong buffering effect in the Rumen (pH correction and maintenance)
- Rich in highly available and easily absorbable Calcium and Magneisum
- Naturally rich in Trace Elements e.g. Iodine, Zinc

Iotech is a brown seaweed extract
- 100% Natural in origin
- Rich in energy and protein
- Supports nutritional needs of ruminal bacteria

Sodium Base
Sodium base allows ruminants to self-regulate when licking the block (Ruminant will only take what they need)

The Sodium allows for:
- Better digestion of diets
- Stimulated licking and salivation
- Increased production of endogenous ruminal buffer
- Recycling of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen
- Provides stress relief for animal
- A carrier system which enables increased absorption of minerals

Aoferm is derived from the fermentation of Aspergillus oryzae, the "noble rice mould".
Aoferm stimulates fungal and celluloytic rumen flora, allowing for a better breakdown of fibres.

- The only additive approved in Europe as a Digestibility Enhancer Additive for Ruminants (EC 4a2)
- 100% natural (non-GMO)
- Releases of nutrients from rough dietary fibres
- Increases feed efficiency

Rumen Core
Rumen core has 3 ruminal pH buffers - Calseagrit, Bicarbonate and Magnesia and 3 rumen specific minerals - Sulphur, Phosphorus and Cobalt.

- Improves microbial rumen fermentation
- Regulates rumen pH
- Promotes growth of cellulolytic flora and production of microbial sulphur amino acids (Methionine)
- Improves digestion of acidic, fibrous diets (silage + concentrates)
- Supports ruminant systems during lactation, fattening and dietary changes

Block 15 kg

Dairy Cows, Beef Cattle, Youngstock