Calf Pens in a Row

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Indoor Calf Pens

Solway Products award winning 100% recycled plastic calf pens have the following benefits.

Non absorbent: making your recycled plastic calf pen easy to steam clean. Durable and non toxic: making a safer and healthier environment for a young calf, allowing less disease build up within the calf pen and reducing the potential of any disease.

The pens are dynamic and can be built in modular fashion allowing to maximize space available by building the calf pens in a row. Solway products recycled plastic calf pens come with the following options on building: With Slats - Open or Closed Fronts.

Buy Solway Calf Pens With Fronts with Double Bucket Holders or Teat & Bucket Holder

Solway Calf Pen Sizes are 1400cm L x 900cm W x 1000cm H