Arable Silage

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Style: Pea and Barley No.1
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Pack Size 1000kgs

For 500kg packs please get in touch

Sowing rate 150-200kg/ha

Arable Silage Mixturesoffer an alternative or additional feed to grass or maize silage and are particularly suitable for farmers wishing to increase their levels of home- produced protein and reduce their reliance on purchased feed and fertiliser. They produce a cost-effective, high quality forage of consistent quality and palatability, with high yields of dry matter even in dry seasons and cold weather. They can be self-fed from the silage-face or as bales and their early harvest allows for earlier drilling of other autumn combinable crops or reseeding of grass.


Pea & Barley No.1

  • 66% Spring Peas
  • 34% Spring Barley

Barley Pro Plus No.2

  • 50% Spring Barley
  • 20% Maple Peas
  • 20% Peas
  • 10% Spring Vetch

Oat Pro Plus No.3

  • 36% Spring Peas
  • 32% Spring Barley
  • 32% Spring Oats

For further details please see Your Countryside Catalogue available on our website or send us an enquiry and we will send out a hard copy to you.