5ft by 4ft Pig Ark With Standard Front Opening

Flooring: No Floor
Color: Grey
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5ft by 4ft Pig Ark With Standard Front Opening

Solway Recyclings' Smaller Plastic 100% Recycled Pig Ark With Standard Front Opening, Suitable for 2 Standard Sized Pigs.

The 5ft x 4ft pig ark is the smaller of our pig housing systems made from recycled plastic and hand assembled ensuring the highest quality finish and maximum durability due to the extremely long life of the recycled plastic, there will be the added benefit to yourself of extra time as the recycled plastic will not need the treatment that wooden products will. Our pig shelter has no plastic protruding out at the bottom so to avoid possible animal injury and tripping over especially when doing a night inspection.

Features and Benefits:

- 5ft x 4 Pig Arks are available in four colours.
- 5 x 4 pig ark shown has a standard opening in green detail.
- To ensure small piglets have no difficulty getting back inside we build all Arks low to the ground
- The 5ft x 4ft pig ark is available with or without a door or floor
- The cost of purchase is inclusive of UK mainland delivery.


Length 1220mm or 4ft

Width 1550mm or width 5ft 2in

Height 990mm or height 3ft 3in

Weight 50kg

The standard opening shown in the picture has a width of 600mm and a height of 730mm or width 2 ft and height 2 ft 5in