Become part of a UK wide initiative run by farmers, with the sole aim of saving you money and safeguarding the future of the UK’s family farms.       

About us

Farm Buyer Club is a multi-vendor platform created to secure the future of the UK's family farms. We are using the collaborative buying power of a large group of individual farming businesses to secure preferential prices and rates for our customers. Our belief is we as farmers are stronger if we are as one rather than as individuals. 

The brainchild of mixed livestock farmer Harry Hodgson, in the process of running the family farm, Harry noticed a huge range of prices for identical products or services. Having spoken with larger farming outfits he realized that there was disparity in what UK farmers pay for goods, with the larger farms often paying less. Harry identified an opportunity for the farming industry to pull together as one and to create a buying club to give the power back to the farmer and help all farms, no matter their size, to get the best price when buying. Harry joined with good friend Nick Vaughan, also a farmer's son, to create this club. Nick is the son of a Herefordshire arable and livestock farmer and shares Harry's passion to safeguard Britain’s farming families. Nick having set up a technology business brings a huge wealth of tech know how and business experience to the club. We use technology to reduce our running costs and secure you the best savings. 

Social Enterprise

The Farm Buyer Club is a social enterprise. What this means is we are set up to serve the interests of our customers first and foremost. We understand first hand the hardship and difficulties that Britain’s family farms face in many ways, not just financial. Thus we will donate 25% of all profits to mental health and farming charities. Farming has the highest suicide rate of any industry in the UK. Our aim is to try to reverse this in any way possible through supporting appropriate charities, to help save money and to create a community where farmers can find help and support from their fellow contemporaries.